About Me [And this Blog]

Freedom of thought is the only good more important than peace; for without it, peace would be another word for servility.

– Andre Comte-Sponville

I am currently an M.Phil (Masters in Philosophy) Student, specialising in Applied Ethics, with a further specialisation in Biomedical Ethics, at the Centre for Applied Ethics, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa. I was the runner-up winner for the Centre for Inquiry’s Campaign for Free Expression Essay contest, 2010.

I was on the BBC4 documentary, The Tutu Talks, debating secularism in Africa and the world, in a round-table discussion with the Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

I am a contributing editor to Secular Humanist Bulletin. I have written for Free Inquiry, Skeptic Magazine, the James Randi Educational Foundation, and numerous European humanist magazines: including original articles for Fritanke, in Sweden, and translations of my work have appeared in the magazine for the Polish Rationalist Association.

My articles have been recommended by The Huffington Post and The New Yorker.

I am an ‘Expert’ for BigThink.com, as ‘a writer and ethicist’.

I also answer questions on the website Asktheatheists.com.

I am also a columnist at 3quarksdaily.com, where my more focused writings on practical ethics can be found.

I was the Vice-Chairperson for the Free Society Institute, a South African group defending secular values in South Africa, but also on an international stage. This group is affiliated with the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

The aim of this blog was a place where I put carefully structured thoughts on practical ethics: euthanasia, abortion, anti-natalism, atheism, and general social criticism. Now, however, I try to put my carefully structured thoughts elsewhere. This is a place where I put loose thoughts on these matters, welcoming critique and questions and discussion, if I think they are worth pursuing (I am bored easily). You will find little autobiographical accounts here, unless they are related to my specific posts.

If you like my writings thank you; you are a special star made of unicorn dust. If you don’t care, then don’t read this page, or this blog. Obviously.

For an explanation on the blog’s title, please read here.

DISCLAIMER: This is a place for loose thoughts on various topics; not a place for formulated essays and articles. Please do not treat them as such, though by that I do not mean be soft: I mean be reasonable.