Move to Big Think

I’m happy to announce that I am now going to be blogging at Big Think. Thus, subscribers should add my BigThink blog “Against the New Taboo” to their RSS feed: Otherwise, be sure to check ATNT. I’ll probably add my first post next week.

In case you’re unaware, is a news, science, and politics website which regularly features interviews, writings and analysis from the world’s top thinkers: from Steven Pinker and Sam Harris to Stephen Fry and Ricky Gervais. It’s an exciting move for me, since I’ve never earned anything from my writing before. I’ve already contributed some essays for them, which seemed to have been received well (by well, I mean they were featured at the Huffington Post, whatever that means in terms of numbers). Big Think was rated the #1 website for News & Info in TIME magazine last year, which is well-deserved in my opinion. I’ve been reading BigThink in general for a long time, since it engages with new ideas either from secondary sources or directly – since their “Experts” are truly experts, which includes numerous Nobel Laureates. I recommend you add them to your regular reading, too.

I doubt I’ll be using this site as much, now, but it will remain here for archive purposes or in case I should decide to move back. Thanks for being with me and I hope you’ll follow me to Big Think, to help defend unappetising (but reasoned) views against silly, but powerful, ones.

Is Asking For Evidence From Psychic Sally Really A ‘Modern-Day Witch-Hunt’?

It is according to Brendan O’Neill. In The Telegraph he writes that the “hounding” of Sally Morgan, supernatural adviser and dead-person telephone, is reaching the fever-pitch of the historical witch hunts. “Decent society once hounded witches; now it hounds pseudo-witches,” he asserts. Indeed, “the anti-Morgan lobby is motivated by the same impulses as those of pointy-hatted witch-hunters of old”. What’s interesting is his list compared to what both sides – witch hunters of the past and O’Neill’s of today – wrote or described of their own actions for pursuing their “witches”.

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