First Page of My New Comic

The amazing artist, Damien Worm, and I have just completed our first 3-page, self-contained short comic. We are currently pursuing anthologies and publishers, to see who wants it. Due to possible future copyright issues, I can’t show the full 3 pages but I will show you the first one. I hope you like it.

Keep clicking the picture until it’s big enough to read. It’s at least 1mb in size.

"Pieces of Life" Page ONE - Written by Tauriq Moosa, Art by Damien Worm

Usual disclaimer: Please do not copy and paste anywhere without first asking me. We worked very hard on this and we will release it in full for free, when we know what the issues are with publishers.


Why Infanticide Is Not Only Moral, But Morally Obligatory

In Defence of New Humanist Magazine and Peter Singer against Nadine Dorries

This post is in response to claims made by someone called Nadine Dorries who says that the magazine New Humanist is an “extreme” organisation and apparently a “cult”. She claims that humanists advocate “infanticide” – and apparently that’s a bad thing. We need not be interested in her weird accusations of calling a magazine a “cult” (what would you call Cosmopolitan? A religion?). I want to focus on her claims that infanticide is (by definition) immoral, evil, and so on. And, therefore, anyone who advocates must bad, too. These claims are nonsense if we actually examine the arguments.

The Humanist Logo (from Per Caritatem blog) / The Symbol of "Evil" to Dorries

Some brief background: Dorries became the frontrunner for New Humanist’s Bad Faith Award, which is the award the “worst enemy of reason” for that particular year, according to New Humanist’s readers. Past “winners” have been such notables as Sarah Palin and the Pope. Anyway, in response to discovering herself at the front end of apparent silliness, Dorries responded with, well, precisely how a frontrunner for the Bad Faith Award would. Continue reading