Upcoming Post about Homosexuality in the US, Bachmann, FAMiLY Leader, etc.

I’ve sent through a column for 3quarksdaily.com, despite taking an extended hiatus from it (and all forms of social media and online writing); however, the topic in question concerned me enough to put something quickly together. It’s about a pledge that is being signed by a US Presidential Candit (or more) to try have homosexuality viewed as a choice, as a health risk, as bad as second hand smoke, etc. The reason I wrote the post is mostly to gather my thoughts on the subject and to see responses. It is also for others to clarify my views or point out where I’m thinking badly or speaking from the knee. I hope readers will not and accept my disclaimer/apology that I’m simply so busy with reading and writing that if it comes off badly written or sloppy, they will forgive me this.

I’ll post here if/when it comes out.


One thought on “Upcoming Post about Homosexuality in the US, Bachmann, FAMiLY Leader, etc.

  1. I sure am glad this deluded tax lawyer will not even make it past her primary. Although I would have loved to see Obama shred her to pieces in a debate, Mrs. Bachmann seems to represent everything that is wrong with our country. She is a woman lawyer who thinks she is right because, up to this point, no one has done anything to show her that her way of thinking is not legitimate. She thinks she is right because she is married, wealthy, and has delusions of religion. I have no doubt she literally thinks her life has been sanctioned by “god” and everything she does is just. We should take heed not to let anyone like this run anything. I for one would never follow someone who says some of the things she says( pray the gay away, Paul Revere warning the British etc) Hopefully after this election we will no longer be subjected to the defecation that comes out of her mouth. I would love it if someone just completely shut her down in a debate, perhaps calling into question her farm subsidies or her clinic that promotes prayer as a legitimate treatment.

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