South African Science & Skeptic Podcast: Consilience Episode 1, feat. Steven Novella

Angela Meadon, Michael Meadon and Owen Swart, some of our most prolific and passionate skeptics (yes to get more hits, it is spelled with a “k”), have just released their first episode of their new podcast, Consilience. Have a look at their first episode. They got the wonderful Steven Novella for an interview — which shows either their persistence, Novella’s friendliness, or a ridiculous amount of time. I imagine, though, it is all three.

The topic for this episode sounds wonderful. After listening, let them know what you think. Before the trolls are released, at least give them time to start doing the podcast though. Stay under your bridges until then.

Congratulations to the wonderful team. That’s a helluva way to start. This is good news for the spreading of scientific ideas in South Africa and, of course, Africa in general. I’m very glad to see this. Please spread the word.


7 thoughts on “South African Science & Skeptic Podcast: Consilience Episode 1, feat. Steven Novella

  1. Thank you Tauriq! I think that Mike deserves the credit for getting Steven Novella to do the interview, they have been corresponding on skeptical topics for a long time and built up a decent relationship.
    It has been incredible fun starting this podcast, and hopefully it will continue as such.

  2. @Angela

    You’re very welcome but thank you for taking the effort to finally creating something like this. You know I enjoy your blog, anyway; so seeing this toss up between all three of you plus getting awesome guests (you’ve set a benchmark with Novella) should prove rather exciting.


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