My first blogpost at JREF and PPA

Today I discovered two things: Firstly, my blogpost for the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), is up. And, secondly, my abstract has been accepted for the Postgradute Philosophy Association (PPA) of South Africa, for their conference later this year. Next month in fact!


Too much, too soon!

The comments at JREF are, um, interesting. Both of these pieces of news are great honours for me despite whatever the feedback might be (I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what my colleagues say about antinatalism and pro-adoption ethics).

I have never been to a conference before, let alone presented a paper. It will be an interesting experience. I also have only met very few fellow postgrad philosophy students — unfortunately, most (not all) tend to fall into two camps of incomprehensibility. Either they are doing things so far beyond me, so incredibly intricate and brilliant, I can’t even see the path they’re on let alone the continent. The other has thrown up a haze of pomo bullshit or existential angst as a mask for making grand, unfalsifiable claims. I’m being deliberately crass and of course this is from a very small sample (as in less than 20). My aim is to demolish this perception at this conference, since I barely am in the intellectual battleground — I’d be mere cannon-fodder anyway.

I’d be interested to hear of your experiences, if any, at conferences like this. If you have been to postgraduate conferences, especially the PPA ones, please let me know what they are like. I look forward to feeling completely inadequate in the presence of smarter minds.


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