This blog might be a bit anesthetised considering I am working on two papers for publications in philosophy journals (“working on” doesn’t mean either will be published, but it is important practice for me, nonetheless). I have also begun working and researching on my thesis, provisionally titled: Unsanctifying Life: Moral and Policy Implications. But due to it’s sounding almost exactly like Peter Singer’s collection of essays (Unsanctifying Human Life, edited by Helga Kuhsa), I think I might change it. Maybe something like The Moral Necessity of Unsanctifying Life: Personal and Policy Implications.

My focus is on the impact of bad metaphysical nonsense and supernatural-type claims on human life. However, I also look at reasons for maintaining sanctified views, even among secular people and society. Thus, I will dealing with: suffering, evil, death, suicide, killing, the four principles of biomedical ethics (Beauchamp and Childers), medical ethics, procreation and adoption, and the “meaninglessness of life”.

My purpose is not to upset people; it has and will always be about remaining consistent with arguments. If emotions are upset so much the worse for emotions – but I would rather have a clearer understanding of our moral principles, arguments and the effects of our moral decision-making than maintain the flatline of emotions which we tend to pacify with appeals to the sanctity-of-life. Whatever that means. So my apologies for the very few who follow this blog.

Here is a picture of a kitten so that you can’t be mad at me for unblogging my life for the next few weeks.


5 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Can the names of Tauriq rahimahullaah(May Allaah bestow His Rahmah and Mercy upon Him) and Moosa ‘alaih-is-salaam(May Salaam and Peace be upon Him) ever unsanctify?It is an Evidence(Burhaan) for Eemaan(Faith) in Divine Origin of Qur’aan-ul-Hakeem ,because,
    In Soorah Maryam, Allaah The Exalted says:
    50. And We bestowed of Our Rahmah(Mercy) on them, and We granted them lofty and sublime honour on Lisaana Sidqin(The Tongue of Truth which refers to true renown,praise and repute)
    The following Aayah(Sign of Allaah) of Soorah Ash-Shu’araa is the Du’aa(Supplication to Allaah) of Ibraaheem ‘alaihis salaam(Abraham,Salaam and Peace be upon Him).
    84. “Grant me honourable mention on the tongue of truth(Lisaana Sidqin) among Aakhireen( the latest (generations)).
    Lisaana Sidqin is Allaah’s Favour(Fadl) of being praised by others.
    All humanity can bear witness(Shahaadah) to how Allaah accepted the Du’aa of Ibraaheem ‘alaihis salaam till the last generation of mankind.

    • Please stop the bracketed Arabic comments and Quranic piffle. It’s difficult to read. Also, unless you make a point or a valid argument you are simply wasting space. If you don’t actually contribute, I will not approve of your comments. I approved this to show what I am blocking in future.

      Quoting scripture is not an argument, because you still have to show the scripture is true/amazing/etc. Which it is clearly not. So unless you have an argument, you’re Bronze Aged fairy-tale book is only going to bore or irritate me. Thanks.

  2. Should it be difficult to read for you?
    I am asking a valid and pertinent question about the unsantification of the names of Tauriq rahimahullaah and Moosa ‘alaih-is-salaam.

  3. Darn, I think I just killed that kitteh!
    But more seriously, I wish you a strong tail-wind on your journey to a completed thesis.

  4. @Muhammad

    What does your question even mean? My name is a collection of letters and sounds. What does it mean for it to be sacred. And, as I said, please stop using Arabic after every word. It’s annoying and unhelpful to those who don’t understand it.

    @ Kevin


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