NEWS: May 2010

Been away from blogging for a very long time. I’ve recently decided that I’m not qualified or smart enough to blog as often as, well, bloggers. I prefer longer pieces, things which I can allow others (smarter loved ones and friends, like my girlfriend) to see, that are published elsewhere. It looks as though the blog itself might turn into an archive for my other pieces. Also, I will post some news on here. I hardly do this but I am rather proud of two recent achievements.

The first: I was the runner-up in the CFI Freedom of Expression essay contest. You can see yours truly in a distinctly noirish pose – I suspect the winner copied my profile! (Actually my picture was the first time I tested my laptop camera, in an attempt to actually take a picture of something attractive. It got me instead. I kept it because I do not like cameras and I do not do photographs.)

The second: I participated in a discussion with the great Archbishop Desmond Tutu, on BBC4. It is part of a 4-part series known as The Tutu Talks. In it “Desmond Tutu and Africa’s leading thinkers (!) discuss issues affecting the continent”. It should read “Africa’s leading thinkers and Tauriq Moosa” but that would not only be arrogant but simply egotistical. So I am lumped in as being one of “Africa’s leading thinkers”. This is merely done for brevity’s sake and as a selling-point for the BBC. Please remember though this is not true. I’m only 23 for Zeus’ sake. It was shown on 29 April 2010. Apparently, it is still possible to watch it on BBC’s player-thing but only if you live in the UK! The producers informed me that it will be coming to BBC World, though, so before you storm their offices, take heed. Afterall the entire series is on Africa.

Not much else to report. Any news or insights, please feel free to share. Thanks again for visiting the blog (which will now become Tauriq’s graveyard/vineyard of essays, depending on my mood).