The Attempted Aphorisms – On Philosophy

On Philosophy

A discipline that everyone practises but only few understand. Philosophy might be thought of as a book entitled “how to read a book” – one is already doing it when opens the cover, but finds insights that one does not realise when faced with the blatant explanation. The target mindset of all philosophy is that of the child. As Picasso said that all children are born artists, so is the child’s virgin mind unspoilt by the dogma of education and the fettered soil of other stupider minds, is the fertile ground upon which philosophers aim to plant their seeds of inquiry. Their buds will bloom into roses of ethics, mind, language, religion and science. No one is a true philosopher, just as no human is a true human. For, what it means to be human is unquestioned by most humans, just as most books go unread by most literature-professors – but what it means to exist and to benefit from that is central and the starting point for Western philosophy. A seed planted by Nietzsche and brought to fruition by Russell.


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