The Attempted Aphorisms – On Longer Life

On Longer Life

An unnecessary symptom of modern life, which results in the eradication of reason, to cater for the rising shadow of stupidity. Since modern health care has resulted in no publicly elicited breakthrough, this same public perceives health to be stilted and lying beneath a tombstone, with frozen fingers pointing toward a future yet to come. Thus the flies of unreason, flying off this corpse of modern science, has laid its eggs in the consumption of open minds flowing out the eyes of wide-eyed consumers. Now vultures called nutritionists, chiropractors, herbalists, aromatherapists, acupuncturists, psychic healers, angel-therapists, and homeopaths have benighted the dying body of evidence, lying curled on the barren ground. Pecking at the loose shards of flesh, they caw in happy horror as the body is slowly pecked to death. Health needs to become a Lazarus without a Jesus, and pull itself out the ground, if we are not to go there ourselves whilst most of our species withers into mental sterility.


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