News: Psychology Comes From Satan

Ah, how interesting. Apparantely, psychology graduates like myself are actually believers in Satanic worship.

I will let this simmer for a while, before I begin to highlight why this is complete nonsense. Enjoy it. Though to a certain extent I agree with his assessment of Oprah.


10 thoughts on “News: Psychology Comes From Satan

  1. No, problem.

    The article doesn’t assert that psychologists are Satanists though. It asserts that psychology is rooted in atheism and the denial of God.

    From a theist’s perspective, there’s a certain accuracy in that assertion. Psychology seems to define everything in amoral terms and refuses to accept Good and Evil.

    Oh well, arrogant God-deniers on one side and rabid God-asserters on the other…Sounds about par for the course in these degenerate times. ;)

  2. There is no real refusal in psychology, pertaining to good and evil. Indeed, a book I own is all about the psychology of evil and how good people become evil, written by one of the world’s top psychologists: It is called the Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo. I am not sure how you can say psychology “refuses to accept good and evil” when it is the very basis for much of psychology.

  3. You, by the nature of your specific education, are more versed in psychology than I am, so I must defer to you in this matter.

    That being said, I have notice a strong tendency among psychologists to explain evil behaviors as illness instead of evil. Perhaps this is part of the reason for the article you cited.

  4. How do you define evil? If you mean evil as a “force” of some kind, then of course we would not deal with it, since, scientifically, there is nothing we can do with it. We can’t measure evil, we can’t test it. However, the tendency you refer to has to do with the desire of psychologists to help “evil” people instead of rejecting them as somehow not-human. Sure, they could label them as evil, but so what? What would that do to help them?

    You must first clarify what you mean by evil and then ask how it fits into testable and measurable variable that we can use within psychology. You will see it is a bit ridiculous to speak of it – but not to contemplate it. It is the same reason we do not care about souls and gods, since we can’t measure souls or gods to explain anything. That does not mean that souls or gods do not exist – it means they do not operate on a level that is publicly verifiable and measurable. “In science, we need to test something” as Michael Shermer says :)

  5. True, scientists can’t really do much about capital “E” Evil, but this desire to help evil people seems to have a trend towards manifesting itself as a desire to class evil people as having a medical condition instead of a moral one.

    Of course I could be wrong. It’s not like there’d be a lot publicity generated over psychologists saying that someone behaviors were outside the realm of a psychological pathology.

  6. The other day I was in the social security office trying to get some help for a physical condition I have. My sister came with me.

    She told the officer that she had gotten help [from her psychologist]. I offered to go to get counseling from a Christian or pastoral counselor, when she retorted “are you willing to get help or not?” Her only acceptance of me getting help was to get a psychological evaluation.

    I have believed for 16 years that psychology and Christianity are not compatible.

    1] My sister is on a low-carb diet. My physical condition makes it impossible to be on the same diet. I have to lower my protein and purine intake.
    2] As demonstrated in the diet comments God makes different people different, we all have different diet needs, and different emotional needs, along with different spiritual needs even we have similar connections like the same family, or the same church.

    The strange thing is, with all the scriptures I read in scripture about counseling, I was beginning to come around to some degree to her point of view.

    Now I think the stunt she pulled in the social security office was a dirty, dishonest, deceitful trick, and I’m going to every thing I can to prove that psychology is from satan.

    The way I see it, is that the psychologists who will not admit that their profession is from satan are in denial.

  7. I’m trying my best to figure out if Aulbert is joking or being sarcastic as I struggle to believe that anyone has as low a level of causal reasoning as that…please be winding us up, Aulbert…even just pretend…please? I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and ask you to please expand on your above statements to lend them some level of coherence…

  8. If you are a practicing psychologist, you are a practicing satanist, plain & simple. Freud & Jung both sought out evil spirits which Dwight L. Moody warned them about. Practically, there is no difference between a psychologist & psychic. It’s all a form of sorcery.

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