God Hates Christians

My friend appropriately entitled this find “The Lord works in mysterious ways”. So mysterious that he can cease the lives of those about to be “saved”. To think that H2O, combined with important sounding phrases, marks an entry into the arms of god, one must be very “swept up” in the moment in deed.

So swept up that the you drown – quite literally.

Here in South Africa:

Four people drowned on Sunday morning during two separate church baptism ceremonies in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg and Bloemfontein in the Free State … The first two people were swept away at 06:00 on Sunday while trying to baptise a woman at a stream flowing into the Klipriver.

Captain Lindiwe Mbatha said: “The pastor and preacher from the Church of Christ … entered the [stream] and called one lady in to be baptised. While baptising her, the river swept [the two of them] away while the woman remained floating in the water.” The irony can not be lost on us, as we witness that the woman yet to be saved is the one still alive; the two, who were themselves already baptised, were the ones swept up in the holy wrath of a nonexistent deity.

It gets worse.

Two other people from the Dothan Apostolic church, also in the Free State, were “swept away”. Their bodies have still not been recovered.

What this indicates to me is the uncaring, undesigned, unmitigated chaos that is part and parcel of a natural world, devoid of supernatural origins and interventions. Forget “The Problem of Evil” and theodicy, and instead focus on these two stories which are demonstrable, absolutely demonstrable, of, at the least an uncaring person in the sky – or, at most, no god.

Here are a group of devout worshippers. They absolutely believe in their dogma – so much so that they are willing to dunk heads in water and chant and other perfunctory performances. Their ebullience was triplicated amongst the amount of minds, willing to accept this celestial imprint via wet hair and clothes. They believe – quite seriously – that god will and does love them. Especially, if you get your clothes wet.

Then, the river or stream in which you are performing this hydrokinesthesis, rises up and engulfs you, sweeps you within its watery grip to clog up your lungs and chest. Suddenly. Out of the blue or brownish-blue, or whatever colour the water was to you. Dead, bloated and your god is disproved. Is there really anything worse?

Yes. There is. The fact that these people will probably continue their ecstasy of unreason, splashing up the river of bad ideas in their rickety boat called religion. It is the ultimate dismissal of self-explanation: This god either has a sick sense of humour, is evil – both of which are human psychological traits imposed on a larger, imaginary being – or, most likely, does not exist. Of course, the meandering of theological mumbo-jumbo would hasten to press this into anything as simplistic as: “OK, look, there is no god.” Think of the jobs that would be lost, the incomes and the tax-exemptions!

So, yes, these churches have a hanging crucified body inside and a few bloated ones outside. Surrounded as they are by counterarguments like these, the religious minds will push on. More people will suffer, mentally by attempting these gymnastics to cater for a loving god and mindless death from a natural event, and bodily by preventing sexual freedom, no blood transfusions (if you are a Jehovah’s Witness), and just plain annihilation. Say what you want about this event, but we can think of hundreds more examples where natural events simply point to a universe and planet without design, forethought and a loving god underpinning its existence.


4 thoughts on “God Hates Christians

  1. Hi Tauriq, with reference to your article, which I found quite offensive and in poor taste, I wish to clear a few misconceptions for your information: Baptism in itself does not equate to or lead to salvation in Christ Jesus.

    Somehow you mis-understand the Christian faith and the essence of being a Christian, i.e. a child of God, saved into an everlasting life through the acceptance of his Son, Christ Jesus, as personal Saviour, through His death on the cross and resurrection from death unto Life.

    God hates sin only. God doesn’t hate people, especially not His children. It gets even better: GOD IS LOVE, that is His character – which must not be confused with “God loves”. This means that He wants all people to accept Him as God and His free gift of everlasting life – He does not want anybody to perish (and He certainly did not cause the drownings, or other events you alluded to – that is the work of Satan).

    But this does not mean that He will not punish those that mock and reject Him, even with death (on the contrary). Which, by the way, He doesn’t have to explain or justify to anybody – He is the Creator, true to Himself in Love and Righteousness.

    Apart from those He decides to exterminate (as described above), God does not cause the death of His children or those that seek Him or any other for that matter. I repeat: He wants all to know Him, accept Him as God and follow Him.

    As far as Christianity is concerned, God has no plan B – His plan A is the Great Commission, given by Jesus to His disciples. And this is where I find the problem: Too many people, including many Christians, do not live the life that God wants for all of us. Instead they are living the life that Satan wants (i.e. to resist God) or they are passive (which Satan readily approves). The decision to accept Him as God lies within each person who hears the truth (and with that the responsibility for the eventual consequences).

    Your faith in no God, no Godly creation, etc. has been described as faith beyond any measure – personally I believe it is merely the result of being deceived by Satan.
    I therefore pray that you will find Him, that He will reveal Himself to you personally, as you won’t listen to what any Christian can teach you and have seemingly already made your mind up to reject Him (although it is quite apparent to me that He actually pre-occupies your mind).

    God loves you – that is His character.
    Thinus Oosthuizen

  2. Oh the irony… I hate when people rant about stuff they should be laughing at. Of coarse death itself is no laughing matter but seriously. The Preacher died and not the person being “saved”. XD

  3. I tink you want to believe in God but you just couldnt becoz there are so many unanswered questions.. Seek Him out in the Holy Bible, u will find out..There been instances that God Loves and God Destroys, and there was one story in the old testament during Moses time, i could remembered there was a guy who was trying to help when he held the Ark of God, which was only to be carried by certian people, and being a common guy he should not have hold it, but what happen was he instantly fell dead. I also remember childrens being eaten by Bears becoz these children made fun of Elisha the Prophet, calling him by names just because he is losing his hair..then There are much more stories however how God have saved those who put his trust and be faithful to Him and Lord has forgiven all who have sinned and asked for forgiveness.. So God knows every man including u and me, coz he can judge from the inside, you can only draw a theory on what you see, in this case the people drowning.. Read the story of Job, i hope you will find out why sometimes bad things happen.

    Anyway without God, i wont be able to love people or even myself.. Love and care is a gift from above.. not something you develop from a big bang or some bacteria evolution bullshit that scientist gives you..lol now thats seriously a big joke to me.. evolution.. monkey and all tht crap..is so silly that smart people believe that.. its so shocking..

  4. Christianity did not exist until Jesus. Judaism might be the real religion. Although I hate jews and believe the holocaust 2, (the first holocaust being the armenians) was a lie, they might be the only ‘real’ religion if one chooses to belief in God.

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